Sunday, February 24, 2013

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The December show at a local mall went very well, VERY well. After taking a month off from anything related to sewing, I got to work and just last week completed the list of private orders. Sadly, in my hurry to get them to the customers, I forgot to take photos. Ah well, one day--maybe--I'll be better organized.

Here are a few new bags and things I "invented" during this show--all at customer suggestion:
the crayon caddy which fits 16 crayons or markers or pencils, and rolls up into a nice 3 X 5 inch roll and is secured with a ribbon tie.  The price [with crayons] is $8.50; plain is $5.00.

the adult apron is simple, with as many pockets and the customer wants, and is reversible. Depending on the details, it will sell for $20.00. This is also available in a child's size, pockets and reversible of course.
Speaking of protecting clothes from food splatters and spills, I tinkered with making adult bibs--pictured--and at the request of a close friend am continuing to come up with additional designs. I think I need a different "classier" name than bib. Maybe "clothing protector"? 

I've added several more options for baby blankets in addition to the reversible flannel receiving blankets and now have a large supply of fleece crib blankets which are edged in satin binding. Price is dependent on size, but usually runs $20.00. I'm also adding doll blankets, in a variety of fabrics and colors/prints to the mix, ranging in sizes of 15-18 X 20-22 inches. These also are reversible and are edged with satin binding and are priced at $10.00.

That's all for now. As I make new totes, I'll add them to the mix.

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