Sunday, March 17, 2013

New Items to the Store

I was able to purchase a new industrial machine last month--and man, have I been busy! One of the nice perks is that the shop where I bought the machine offers free classes to their customers. I'm so glad I took the offer because I'm learning new techniques and how to make new and interesting items--to pass on to you.

The first item is something called a Couch Buddy. This is approximately 24 inches long by 12 inches wide. It is backed with that plastic pebbled stuff you find on the bottom of kids' footed pajamas so that it won't slip off the arm of a couch or armchair. It has layered pockets to store magazines, newspapers, books, tissues, pens/pencils/eye glasses. This new machine handles heavy duty home decor fabric nicely and they go together in no time. I'm pricing them at $20.00.

I'm adding the latest diaper bag to the stash; this one is lilac and mint green. It has a zipper closure, 6 pockets on the inside, measures 22 X 15. Very light weight. It'll sell for $40.00 plain, $60.00 filled with infant items: receiving blankets, crib blankets, boppy covers, bibs  and all the usual array of care items.

I've updated pictures of the newest crib and receiving blankets. As always they are reversible, and priced according to size. I'm also making doll blankets; the idea came from, as always, the delightful grand-daughters who 'desperately needed something for my dolly, Nana.' Cannot say no to these two--or their brothers.

I hope you enjoy them all.

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